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You can't take shortcuts to healthy, beautiful skin. Revision Skincare products cleanse, tone, mask, exfoliate, treat, moisturize, hydrate, firm, protect and correct. Revision definition is - an act of revising. How to use revision in a sentence. BUILDING HIGH-PERFORMANCE PROTECTIVE SOLUTIONS FOR THE EVOLVING NEEDS OF THE MODERN SOLDIER. BE REVISION READY.

revision definition: 1. a change that is made to something, or the process of doing this: 2. study of work you have done, in order to prepare for an exam: 3. the act. Definition of revision - the action of revising. mass noun. 1The action of revising . 'the scheme needs drastic revision'. More example sentences. 'I didn't even. Revision is the process of revising. More specifically, it may refer to: Update, a modification of software or a database; Revision control, the management of.

Revision definition, the act or work of revising. See more. The Mind Set - smart revision advice from exam survivors. revision (countable and uncountable, plural revisions). (uncountable) The process of revising: The action or process of reviewing, editing and amending. Subscribe to the Revision Newsletter! Keep up to speed on Revision Brewing news, events and releases. Leave this field empty if you're.