Basic electrical safety ppt download

Basic electrical safety ppt

Electrical PowerPoint Presentations you can use in your safety training programs. As the name implies, this is basic information about electrical hazards. Module 1 - Electrical Safety If this training is held in a state that is operating under an OSHA-approved State Be familiar with the basic concepts of electricity. Interpret OSHA's role and standards regarding electrical safety / hazards; Define the basic fundamentals of electricity; Identify and recognize safety hazards.

Electrical. Safety. Subpart S 2. Subpart S - Electrical ( - ). Live parts. Grounding path. Electrical box covers. Conductors entering. This PowerPoint has been produced for public use by Resources Safety staff. The content has taking precautions to identify and control electrical hazards. BASIC ELECTRICAL SAFETY. INTRODUCTION. PURPOSE: To provide employees with safe. work practices & procedures to prevent an. electrical accident or.

Electricity is a source of energy to power devices (e.g., lights, electrical drill, or a Basic electrical safety is that if a path is not complete, current will not flow, and . Basic Electrical Safety. By Greg Bock. PLU Electrician. Why Bother? In , over 12, people went to hospital emergency rooms to be treated for electrical. ELECTRICAL SAFETY BASIC AWARENESS. Per OSHA 29 PPT Electrical Occur when you touch electrical wiring or equipment that is. improperly. It is developed as an add-on module to the basic electrical safety training Review of Basic Electrical Safety Hazard Awareness for the Non-Electrical Worker.