Gunz the duel crosshairs download

Gunz the duel crosshairs

This is a custom crosshair for GunZ: The Duel, allowing you to have another crosshair than the standard four. This pack contains 1 useful crosshair, 1 cool. If you use my crosshairs in a game, you will see that the background is made any of my own, guess I am pretty used to the one I use on Gunz. if you need anymore corsshairs I have a file with over i think I can upload the file, the crosshairs I use are included in that file. Make thread.

a shitload of crosshairs + - crosshairs go in to (Gunz Folder) > Custom > Crosshair - everything is neat dont worry about having everything a. I. Crosshairs. II. How to put in a Crosshair III. How to equip it in-game. I. Crosshairs Ever noticed videos on Youtube and see different. For all that play GunZ you will know you can customise the game, (to a certain extent), and that includes the Cross Hair, (or the little aimer.

is there any current way to at least change the color of the GunZ 2 crosshair? White is really plain and I'd at least like the lime green color I use. GunZ 2: The Second Duel For me personally I prefer having a non-dynamic crosshair which you could choose in the first GunZ.