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Wish chansey

The only way I can find to get a Chansey with Wish is through an event Chansey given out in December and Seismic Toss was a tutor. Wish Chansey. From Bulbapedia, the Jump to: navigation, search. Redirect to: List of PCNY event Pokémon distributions in Generation III#Chansey. Retrieved. This event was distributed to players as an egg, at New York Pokemon Center. Species Chansey (EGG) Nickname (default, save lang) OT.

This is the real NY Chansey with Wish from Gen 3 iirc. Because it's from gen 3, it was not RNG'd for a flawless spread. it should have 0 Atk and. Find someone who got a wish Chansey from the event and has it on a Generation 3 game; Trade the Chansey to Fire Red, Leaf. # Chansey. , , 5th Gen Dex · 4th Gen Dex America. Chansey ♀. Level 5. OT: Yours. ID: Yours Sweet Scent · Wish. Description, Type, Location.

I know almost every wish chansey is hacked as legit wish chansey are so rare. They are from an event, to be precise this event. And or Blissey for that matter? I'm looking at Smogon and for the life of me can't figure out how they can make a Wishbliss. I'm sure it's.