Vtune fan control download

Vtune fan control

Identify performance bottlenecks with advanced sampling and profiling techniques in Intel® VTune™ Amplifier. The event count for each core is reported by Vtune as the sum of the count by setting the AnyThread bit in the performance counter control register. I am not a huge fan of multi-threading when doing performance analysis. Its just a tuning tool. you can get rid if you want. Adding extra information. I dont know what the guy is on below but it is simply a tuning tool.

Free vtune fan control download download software at UpdateStar - vTune is a cross-platform performance analyzer produced by Intel. Combines the. Did, a Little research, it is a control panel for the Video Card.. by Vtune is an Intel utility, not an Nvidia utility accountingfirmscolumbus.com You may, with additional cooling (larger heatsink, extra case fans, etc.). Total No of Active Cores: Voltage: uV. Frequency: kHz. Thermal Fan Speed Control: On Fan RPM: Fan PWM: Die Temp: 61 C.

dont forget to increase the gpu fan speed from vtune set it to some 75 % and use furmark to test the stability of the card after overclock and use. is it a safe thing to change fan settings with Vtune change from 30 to the gpu to control its own fan speed, never played with vtune at all.