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Hooliganism is disruptive or unlawful behavior such as rioting, bullying, and vandalism, usually in connection with crowds at sporting events. "Soccer riot" redirects here. For a list of notable incidents of rioting, see List of soccer stampede disasters. Lokomotive Leipzig fans before their team's encounter. Orignally started in England as a family of Irish named the "Hoolihans" caused trouble in a particular area of England, as the Hoolihans spread in notoreity of.

Hooligan definition is - ruffian, hoodlum. How to use hooligan in a sentence. Directed by Lexi Alexander. With Elijah Wood, Charlie Hunnam, Claire Forlani, Marc Warren. A wrongfully expelled Harvard undergrad moves to London, where . A hooligan is a rowdy person who causes trouble for others. Hooligans are similar to bullies and thugs.

The word “hooligan” is one of those that sounds oddly like the concept it describes. Just as “glitter” sounds shiny and “lump” sounds lumpy. Late 19th century: perhaps from Hooligan, the surname of a fictional rowdy Irish family in a music-hall song of the s, also of a cartoon character. (His fellow hooligans joke that, in the past decade, he has been inside a football stadium fewer than five times.) Since his family had moved. Hooligan definition: If you describe people, especially young people, as hooligans, you are critical of them | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and.