Stackoverflow offline download

Stackoverflow offline

But, be aware that the posts archive of Stack Overflow takes GB, have fun for downloading it:) See the official blog post for more information. I've been searching for a Stack Exchange offline version, for research purposes at my "August " /Users/saif/Desktop/StackOverFlow/stackexchange. The dump can be downloaded from The Internet Archive. However if you're unable to use it due to disk space and/or knowledge limitations.

Because for me Stack Overflow is pretty useless without google. Because if I am % sure what I am looking for, RTFM works best. I'm proud to announce that I'm working on bringing offline Stack Overflow access to Dash, based on the Stack Exchange Data Dump. Sorry but I never heard that such a tool/script or something which does that. You can write a crawling mechanizm to do that but I'm quite sure.

@massayoshi massayoshi changed the title from Offline Stack Overflow Access to Offline Stack Overflow Access? on Jun 27, Online documentation is always up to date, but it can also be slow-ish. We use JSDuck, which preloads the full API reference. Great once it's. Large chunks of the intertubes, including popular programmers' hangout Stack Overflow, were blanked from view earlier this afternoon after a. The offline Stack Overflow docsets have been updated to the latest data dump. Grab them in Preferences > Downloads > Stack Overflow.